Tripple M is one of the forefront rappers for LRCMG.

Tried by fire and promoting the King, Tripple M is evidence that God can change lives. When Tripple M was quite young his parents struggled with drug addiction. It wasn’t long until he was sent from his residence in Fontana, CA to live with his grandparents in Arizona. In this new environment, Tripple M was introduced to gang life in which he became deeply involved. This decision led Tripple M to an addiction to various drugs. Many harmful occurrences in Arizona left Tripple M’s neighborhood too dangerous for him to stay. He then moved back to California with his parents, to begin a new start. This time, his mother was clean, however he still had to face his father’s demons of violence and substance abuse. The family struggled as the father had to sporadically serve jail time. Also, Tripple M was still dealing with the problems from his past.

Life changed when Tripple M and his family were introduced to an Outreach church in the city. He recalls, “I was on the media team for quite some time, before the day I got saved. The more I kept coming to do media, the more I was hearing about God. And one day during one of the altar calls, I was sitting in service with my Dad and I felt God knocking at my heart. So I went up and gave my life to Christ.” Confessing Christ was the first step for Tripple M, but he still had sinful habits that he tried to change. He took comfort in God’s faithfulness to forgive. God began stripping away the weights that slowed Tripple M down and freeing him from the sin that so easily ensnared him. With trust in the Lord Jesus and daily repentance, Tripple M confidently states presently, “I’m set free from what was holding me down.”

Ever since Tripple M began rapping, lyrical rhyming has become a passion for him. He has used his talent to touch more lives, with the work that God is doing in his life each day. His ultimate desire is for God to be glorified in his life, his music, and his ministry. In 2015 Tripple M released a shared EP titled “Make Them Believe”  with Light Records Artist JMIAH. “Make Them Believe” was featured on Rapzilla, Wade-O Radio, Guerilla Cross, and Rep Da King Magazine. Tripple M then released his music video for his hit song “No More” which was spread accross the nation and impacted many lives. In 2016 Tripple M completed his first solo project titled “From the Bottom” Also in 2016 Tripple M was invited to do an interview with Donna Clayton on TBN Faith with Flavor. Tripple M was then invited to TBN “JUCE LIVE” where he premiered some of his new music on Live TV which was viewed by millions all over the world. Tripple M is accomplishing big things, and it’s just the begining. The passion God gave him to Rap has given him the ability to touch lives all over the world.